Napa Valley Wine Inspired Collection

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Sampler of Napa Valley Wine Inspired Flavored Tea:  Chardonnay Tea:  White Grape Green Tea, Pinot Grigio Tea: White Grape Black Tea, Pinot Noir Tea:  Red Grape Green Tea, Cabernet Tea: Red Grape Black Tea.

Cabernet Tea - Red Grape Black Tea: Cabernet Tea, a unique blend of red grape black tea, boasts rich qualities and minerals. Infused with the essence of Cabernet grapes, it delivers a robust flavor profile, combining the boldness of black tea with the fruity notes of red grapes. A delightful infusion, it offers antioxidants and a distinctive, satisfying taste.

 Pinot Grigio Tea - White Grape Black Tea: Pinot Grigio Tea, a delightful blend of white grape and black tea, boasts a harmonious fusion of fruity and robust flavors. Infused with the essence of Pinot Grigio, this unique tea offers a crisp and refreshing experience, complemented by antioxidants and minerals for a healthful and indulgent beverage.

Chardonnay Tea - White Grape Green Tea: Sophie Teas' Chardonnay is a sublime blend of handpicked leaves from prestigious vineyards. Grown under optimal conditions, our Chardonnay exudes a delicate floral aroma and a harmonious balance of citrus and stone fruit notes. With a smooth finish, it promises an exquisite tea experience reminiscent of a fine Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir Tea - Red Grape Green Tea: "Pinot Noir Tea - Red Grape Green Tea" is a unique blend with the rich, fruity essence of Pinot Noir grapes. Its qualities include a delightful balance of sweet and tart notes, a vibrant red hue, and antioxidants from green tea. This tea offers a luxurious and flavorful experience, combining the best of grapes and green tea.